Individual Membership Registration

Besides BoardAgender one year membership with the usual $100 annual subscription, we are pleased to offer additional options to sign up for three to five years (total of $300, $400 or $500) and benefit from our collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID)[1]

Collaboration with SID
SID formed a Diversity Subcommittee and BoardAgender is represented on that. As a result of the collaboration and as one of the initiatives that SID is undertaking to promote diversity, BoardAgender members are entitled the following special scheme to join SID (only for first time SID subscribers):

  • Waiver of the entrance fee ($150)
  • Bulk discount on three to five year membership
  • Complimentary attendance at one of the four 2018 conducts of its entry-level course, “So, you want to be a director” for aspiring and new directors. This two-hour course which costs $140 to $240 (excluding GST) provides a high-level introduction to the directorship landscape in Singapore; the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and benefits of being a director; and the key considerations for accepting a directorship.[2]

In summary, the cost on a 3-5 year membership with BoardAgender and SID is as follows:

Associate Member
Ordinary Member
BoardAgender + SID Associate Member
BoardAgender + SID Ordinary Member
3-Year Membership:
Now to 31 Dec 2019
$300 $338 $563 $638 $863
4-Year Membership:
Now to 31 Dec 2020
$400 $446 $744 $846 $1,144
5-Year Membership:
Now to 31 Dec 2021
$500 $540 $900 $1,040 $1,400











Sign up for SID membership by filling up the form in the flyer, or preferably go to and sign up online. When filling up the form, please indicate that you are a BoardAgender member (indicate your membership number), and leave the entrance fee blank.

Please pay by mailing a crossed cheque payable to “Singapore Institute of Directors” in accordance with the instructions on the flyer and website, and send it to SID Membership Services. We ask that you not pay online (although you may sign-up online) otherwise the entrance fees will be automatically charged in the online system.

Please note that after signing up with SID, it will be checking with BoardAgender on the validity of your application. SID membership has two main categories: Associate and Ordinary. The criteria are here: SID admission criteria. For further information on SID, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +65 64221188. 

[1] Singapore Institute of Directors:
SID is the national association of company directors with a range of programmes. In particular, it has a comprehensive professional development curriculum which sees more than 100 training sessions conducted in a year. SID has two main categories of membership: Ordinary Membership for qualified directors and Associate Membership for aspiring directors. A flyer on SID individual membership is attached. As per the flyer, the entrance fee for a member is $150, and membership subscription is $150 and $250 per annum for Associate and Ordinary Members respectively.

[2] In addition to the complimentary “So, you want to be a director” course, SID has a slew of other courses, for which members enjoy the members' rate. Of course, as you can see from the flyer, there are other benefits of SID membership.


To enjoy preferential rates at BoardAgender events and access exclusive member-only events, please fill up and submit the form below. For individual membership renewal, please click here.

If you have already signed up or renewed your BoardAgender membership for 2018, but are interested in the three to five year BoardAgender and SID membership scheme, please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(You will be directed to SCWO for your online application)

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